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It’s difficult to love someone unconditionally. After all, we, as human beings, are very selfish creatures. We fight to survive. But there is one relationship, one person that will fight for you beyond reason. A person that will make sure you’re tucked in bed, sleeping safe and sound, even when you are older. It’s a relationship that stretches the limitations of human understanding. We are speaking about the love of a mother, of course.

Before the Beginning

You may not remember this, but the moment you first wrapped your hand around your mother’s finger, a surge of comfort flowed through your body. When you were given into their arms, security was one of the first feelings you experienced. The bond between a mother and a child is indeed enlightening. It is something even schools of science haven’t been able to figure out to the fullest. When a child is born, the priorities of a mother change drastically; they now have an added responsibility.

Harboring life, knowing it’s growing inside you, is beautiful, but the feeling it derives transcends mere words or understanding.

Like gardeners nurturing their young seedlings, mothers ensure their little ones grow up in optimal conditions, are fed on time, and have a roof over their heads.

Love is Sacrifice

Love is sacrifice, so they say.

But besides the romanticized concepts of love through movies and pieces of literature, we often overlook how motherhood is the purest form of this saying. You see, a mother begins sacrificing even before her baby is born.

Nauseated, fatigued, and breathless, she has to adhere to progressively advancing challenges in her body. Not to mention the unfathomable pain during birth. Yet, through all the pain, it’s just the start of her unconditional love; she is prepared to share the world with her child.

A mother wants nothing but the best for her baby – the best education, ensuring there is bread on the table for the family while overlooking her own well-being and emotions.

That is love; that is sacrifice.

A Mother’s Love

Mothers do not ask for much, just for you to be a good person and look out for others. They want you to be someone who can hold their own in the world when they aren’t there anymore to ensure the possibility. They teach gently and breed an environment that becomes your haven.

This is the love of a mother.

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