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After the pandemic, overwhelmed with emotion, a certain author began her journey toward catharsis. With each stroke, ink effortlessly penning her feelings, Lori Schneider created one of the most compelling pieces of poetry. It is a collection so powerful that even in the darkest of days, it would help readers find their light.
A Brighter Tomorrow delineates Lori Schneider’s struggle through hard times.
That being said, let’s discuss how we can, too, find catharsis in our own struggles with writing.

Why is writing so therapeutic?

Writing is a form of catharsis for when your thoughts are caught up in a crescendo, with spiraling emotions adding to the confusion. You need a one-way channel to vent it all out. Writing helps you speak, and the page you’re writing on is the best listener. You can vent out your feelings without the fear of being judged and pen your affirmations to motivate yourself for the goal you want to achieve. Science proves the therapeutic potential of writing. Expressive writing helps cure trauma, anxiety and depression.
Writing allows you to jot down your thoughts and helps you easily process ideas.

Writing for Therapy

Writing therapy, which is also known as journal therapy, has numerous therapeutic benefits. All the great poets and writers believed in the power of healing derived from writing.
“Writing is a way of processing our lives. And it can be a way of healing.”
– Jan Karon
Here’s how you can, too, just like our author Lori Schneider, create your brighter tomorrow through writing.

  • Connection

Find something that you can truly connect with. Think of your strongest feelings of sadness, happiness, or even anger. Where do they stem from? Acknowledge them and write a paragraph venting them out; see where it takes you.

  • Journaling

Journaling is a simple and effective way of getting to know yourself. Talking to yourself on paper can ease the burden on your shoulders. Do you think no one listens to your problems? You’re wrong – you have you.

  • Affirmations

How positively you talk to yourself determines your mental health. Make it a practice to write down your affirmations every single day, acknowledging your strengths and giving yourself a self-confidence boost.

  • Plan Your Future

Plan your future! Envision where you see yourself five years from now. Having a purpose and a goal to work toward gives you hope for your future and what you wish to make of yourself.

  • Creativity

Writing gives you a chance to be as creative as possible. Let your imagination run wild and come up with stories, characters, and ideas—even the embarrassing ones you swore you would never tell a soul! Give yourself and your creativity a chance.

Writing paves your road to catharsis, and if you need some inspiration, check out A Brighter Tomorrow by Lori Schneider. Dive deep into beautiful pieces of poetry by the author and watch as you become a better you.

A Brighter Tomorrow is available on Amazon.

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