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With a plethora of words for you to choose,
When, despite the effort, it’s no use,
The pen rests, the ink dries,
Thoughts overflow, the heart sinks,
When your creative flow comes to a stop,
Tell us, how do we fix our writer’s block?
If you are a writer, you must have felt the dreaded feeling of being unable to translate your thoughts and words onto paper at least once in your lifetime. When you have so much to say, yet the words don’t come, when you’re torn between your motivation to write, yet your mind resists forming coherent thoughts.
You take a walk, perhaps, indulge in some snacks, yet the problem persists.
Need not worry; put the pen down and take a deep breath. Let’s get our creative juices flowing once again as we look to solve writer’s block.
Understanding the Block
In order to solve a problem, we first need to address its true nature so we can strategize accordingly. As the term suggests, writer’s block is the inability to think or jot down your ideas whilst proceeding with your writing project.
Whether you are writing fiction, blogs, prose, or poetry, it’s a universal issue that lessens productivity and often leaves writers feeling demotivated.
Fortunately, this condition is not medical. With just some minor tweaks in your workflow here and there, you can get your system up and running again easily!
Why Does it Happen?
Essentially, when one is experiencing writer’s block, it’s not that they are lacking ideas or aren’t capable of doing so; it’s just that their emotions are getting in the way of their work, and they’re overthinking every step.
You would also notice that writer’s block shows up at random instances, which may make you feel like you are not in control. But if you reflect and observe your thinking patterns, the true story will reveal itself eventually.
To write better and with ease, one needs to maintain a state of flow when it comes to the mind. And this cannot be achieved if you are constantly spiraling in thoughts unrelated to the project. These may manifest themselves as ill emotions, competing responsibilities, and even boredom.
But here’s the big question, how does one fix the writer’s block?
Steps Toward a Brighter Tomorrow.

  • Outline

    Often, you may have the idea but don’t know exactly where to start. In this case, try to make an outline or construct a rough draft for your piece and build upon it later in the actual write-up. This will help create a solid framework for your ideas.

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration is a commodity when it comes to the creative process. That said, it isn’t practical to think you’ll stay inspired constantly. Hence, if you feel like your ideas are exhausted, move! Talk to a friend and indulge in deep, meaningful conversations about things you really care about. This will help you realize a lot about yourself and inspire you in the process.

  • Take a Break

    Are you sure you’re not overworking yourself? Writer’s block can also be a way for your mind to tell you you’re overwhelmed! So take a break, listen to some music, or get a good night’s sleep. When you’re back, see if you feel a difference; if not, try something else.

  • Develop a Routine

    If you want to be good at something, you must persistently pursue it. Make sure you set aside a particular time dedicated to writing. At this time, make sure you are not surrounded by distractions. This way, you’ll be programming your mind into being focused, at least when you have a pen and paper in front of you.

  • Just Write

    It may sound like impractical advice, but sometimes your own overthinking is hindering your progress. You’re constantly erasing the idea that wants to escape your mind and express itself. Hence, don’t be afraid to write the wrong thing. Let your imagination flow and make corrections later.

Voila! There you have it; now you’re a better writer. You see, it all seems overwhelming if we don’t acknowledge the problem for what it is and conjure up practical solutions.Hence to better our tomorrow, we need to acknowledge the challenges of today. In the book, A Brighter TOMORROW by Lori Schneider, the author highlights and expresses various fascinating schools of thought in some of the most inspirational, riveting, and alluring rhymes.
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