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Crumpled paper and broken pencil nibs fill the table where your ideas should blossom. You are stuck in a flurry of thoughts that obstruct your creative process. It is sad when there aren’t enough people to listen to you, but it hurts more when you want to speak but can’t seem to articulate thoughts and words into the message you want to convey.

It’s called “Writer’s Block.”

Poet and author Lori Schneider perfectly encapsulates the pains of a writer trying to tell their story in her book, A Brighter TOMORROW.

Let’s discuss how you can get past writer’s block.

Where You Work Matters – Be Creative With Your Workstation

Writing is all about what you feel about a particular subject. And guess what? The biggest influence on your mood is what you can see and what you can smell. If you aren’t happy with where you are working, it will reflect on your writing.

Decorate where you work – it could be an office or a writing studio, or even your room – sketches, quotes, pop toys, props, or anything that screams your aesthetic. Perhaps light a scented candle or some music in the background. Get comfortable and start melting the ice that is your writer’s block!

Challenge Yourself With Writing Exercises

Humans are genetically coded to be goal driven. That being said, you will sometimes find yourself straying away from the goal you set for yourself. Perhaps your writing has been too easy for you, and you need a challenge.

So why not do it?

Challenge yourself! Maybe ask yourself to write a piece in half an hour or less, and in return, reward yourself with a treat. You can classically condition yourself, too, you know.

There is a technique called the “Pomodoro Technique,” a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s. This technique allows dividing work into 25 minutes of length. Each 25-minute period is followed by a short break. Give it a try in your writing!

Read Away Your Writer’s Block

Sometimes, reading someone else’s work helps, like CPR. Life is breathed into you. It helps you remember what your writing was missing, that which you forgot. Reading while having writer’s block can help you get over the block quickly. Read books you enjoy and try to figure out how the author executed a particular character’s narrative. You need a muse!

It’s Okay To Have Writer’s Block

Let yourself know that it is okay to have writer’s block. For if you’re anxious about having a block, it will only further clutter your mind with thoughts that disturb your creative flow. Instead, forgive, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

It’s okay; it happens to all the greats.

Just Write!

Sometimes the best way to write is to, well, write!

Don’t worry about the technicalities and getting it right on the first try; instead, let your imagination flow onto paper, and you can make corrections later. Make “just write” your motto and feel the burden ease off your shoulders, letting you be the most “you” you can possibly be.

And that is how you can lead your writing to a brighter tomorrow.

Maybe one day, you can, too, guide your readers to a brighter tomorrow like Lori Schneider. Get your copy of A Brighter Tomorrow from Amazon today.

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