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Supervillains and world-ending threats were only a thing of sci-fi. Seismic chaos, unrest, and disarray have been vividly depicted by some of the best movie directors and authors worldwide. People are fascinated by immersing themselves in a dystopian world where they can stare death right in the face and come out unscathed, triumphant- but only through the screen.

Well, in 2020, the world found itself with its hands full when it faced a challenge unlike anything it had ever faced.

The COVID-19 pandemic.

But, just as every adversity teaches you something, let’s look at what surviving the pandemic has taught us over the years.


There are some battles we simply cannot fight alone.

The pandemic was one of the only times the world united for a singular purpose: to combat the monster claiming the lives of millions. It was when major sanitary corporations put their differences aside and promoted each other’s brands to follow SOP protocols. This was because, unlike people, the pandemic did not discriminate in terms of cast and culture. It affected people all the same, which was an inherent reminder to everyone who segregates based on skin color and background of the absurdity of their actions.

The only thing that separates us is our opinions and ideology of each other.

It lets the world know we cannot live without one another. It’s ironic how the only time distance was an obligation that humans were compelled to come closer.

A Warning

Bill Gates predicted that the next major adversity that will affect Earth will not be World War III but a pandemic that will wreak havoc across nations. People didn’t really pay heed to his statement at the time. But then again, it is only when the problem is escalated that humans think about the call to action. It made governments think of the possibility of pandemics and viruses taking place in the future.

Hug a Little Longer

The pandemic made the world realize just how fickle life can be. We all indulge in the materialistic and forget about the things that matter. They say shared struggles evoke love. And now, after spending what seemed like an eternity in isolation, with millions of lives lost, we have learned to hug a little longer, text a friend we lost connection with, and tell our parents that we love them.

The darkest of nights produce the brightest stars.

The pandemic helped us humans look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Dr. Lori Schneider verses you with much food for thought as she pens an anthology of riveting poems encapsulating the plight of the pandemic, instilling notions of hope and perseverance.

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